Lawn cara & landscape watering

Saving water in the landscape does not have to be difficult or time-consuming. Many of the most effective things you can do to reduce your water bills and protect the water supply in their community, is simple and easy. Here are some suggestions that either one-time investment in water-saving equipment that can make or anyone can install or simple changes in habit for you.

Install a device with automatic seal of rain. According to the lawn care des moines this is an inexpensive device that can be installed in the irrigation controller saying it turns off when a certain amount of rain has fallen. Protect your lawn against accidental excess water. An automatic shutdown of rain usually costs less than $ 200 to install, including labor. In many parts of the country could save enough to pay for itself in the first season of water.

Update your irrigation system with an intelligent controller. An investment of slightly larger ($ 300 up to several thousand dollars) will buy time control device capable of improving water efficiency by up to 40%. If your water bill is large, it is likely to return in a few years.

The water use efficiency by developing the issuer. The last decade has seen a jump biotechnological and limit growth. If your sprayer has several years of sprinkler heads, rotors or drip irrigation problems, consult Johnson Lawn Care,  your local irrigation specialist to inspect your system and, if necessary, to recommend a good alternative.

Eliminate the appearance. EPA leak can waste a single diameter 1/32 “with a hose, issuer or outdoor faucet more than 6,000 gallons of water per year. Imagine the cost if you have multiple exits! External leaks are more likely to lose they often go unnoticed. If you hire a special des moines lawn care company to keep your lawn, you do not have to worry as to check for leaks at each visit. But if you do your own maintenance, check off the your weekly list.

Install a rain barrel. It is good for the plants, as it is no salts and many chemicals present in most of the ground water or city water. Many municipalities now offer incentives to homeowners who install water-saving devices cheaply. An expert in the field of landscape irrigation can help you determine the best way to integrate the existing rainwater irrigation system.

Choose drought-tolerant plants. Careful selection of plants can make a big difference in your water. Many plants, such as white fir, root, yucca and sage are naturally adapted to thrive in low water. Contact your local landscape worker to give advice on which species in your area and do good to your private home.

A thick layer of coating helps root zone for cooling liquid and to keep the land. Organic mulches such as wood chips and bark chips, will also about the contribution of organic matter to the soil exercises. Some coverage are more appropriate than others for specific applications, so choose carefully.

Water the soil, not the leaves. The water in the root zone to keep evaporation to a minimum. If you like the water from the leaves of your plant will avoid the pain and the sunlight is avoided. A professional design of irrigation by lawn service des moines – drip or otherwise – is much better with proper water supply network simple herb that can be purchased at hardware stores. This is an investment that eventually takes the water bill and reducing the healthiest plants.

Cut tall grass. Keeping your lawn at the recommended limit (approximately 2 cm for most species) contributes to damage the soil and prevent excessive evaporation.

Do not overwater. It sounds simplistic, but more water is lost through excess water for any other reason. The excess water not only valuable resource is delivered. It is also very bad for the plants. Excess water on the floor focusing on the root systems of plants and contributing to rotrot and fungal and bacterial diseases. Consult your landscape man for help in designing a water and / or schedule to deliver the right amount of water to your landscape.

These are just some suggestions that can be implemented to maintain their consumption of water outside to a minimum, while enjoying the beautiful scenery and lush grass. Try some of this year and see how much water you can save!


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